Wisdom Skills Development Program
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Bridge the skills gap between academia and industry

What Makes Us Different?

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At PKR 3000 only, FW trains connects learners to our partner recruiters for internship opportunities.


Our unique approch to e-learning uses gamification and simulations to keep the learner highly engaged and ensures better critical thinking and decision making on their part.


Receive a sharable certificate for the skills learned


The course is accessible on both web and mobile. The app is available for both android and apple users.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Paths

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Leadership skills

Modules developed in this domain will enable you to learn to lead in a rapidly changing world &revolutionizing your leadership skills. It will help you in excelling in your personal and professional life.

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Business Acumen

After attending “Business Acumen” modules participants will have clear understanding about various aspects of business and how a successful business works. It will enable participants to develop business competencies in them and manage various business situations effectively.

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Educational Success

This domain includes modules to teach students about successful studying techniques, Science of Self-Learning, using technology for educational success, exam preparation, and attending students’ problems and difficulties. After attending these modules, students’ educational efficiency will definitely increase.


21st Century
employability skills

In 21st century workplace, the subject-specific skills are not enough for graduates to meet the job markets. Employers are putting great emphasis on the importance of 21st century skills like problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork etc. Modules offered in this domain will instill 21st century employability skills among participants, which will make them more successful in their career.



Personality development helps you gain acknowledgement from the society and the people around you. It plays a vital role in your professional and personal lives. Modules offered in this domain will make the participants organized, disciplined, and punctual and will transform their behavior positively.


Job hunting & Career
Management Skills

In this domain, different modules are offered to give students awareness about career planning, career growth, scope of different careers, creative job search strategies, how to dress for interview, art of interview, finding a job in the hidden job market and guidelines related to different career related issues.

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