The High potential school Award Scheme

Award Scheme

The 2-year FWF High Potential School Award Scheme provides a systematic transformational change process which enables a school to adopt the FWF philosophy and framework, to reach the demanding standards required for accreditation as an FWF High Potential School and to secure entry into The Fellowship of FWF High Potential Schools. The Scheme is aimed at the school’s Senior Leadership who, supported by us, will lead the adoption within the school and take ownership for its successful implementation.

The FWF learning framework builds on the school’s existing good practice and further enhances teaching and learning to come closer to the goal of every child deserve the quality education to maximum its potential.


Accreditation as a High Potential School is a prestigious achievement; recognising the very best schools in the country at the forefront of educational practice. It is an acknowledgement that a school has met very demanding standards for exemplifying total school commitment to high potential learning, resulting in more fulfilled teachers and students who achieve great success.

At the end of the award scheme, your school will undertake a formal accreditation process which confirms your compliance against the FWF High Potential Schools and, provided you are successful, you will be accredited with the prestigious FWF High Potential School Award and recognised as a school which provides an exceptional level of education.


Those achieving FWF High Potential School status are then eligible to join The Fellowship of FWF High Potential Schools; a community that drives what it means to be world-class, shaping educational futures with ambitious, like-minded educationalists. You have reached a huge milestone but you are keen to push on and do even more. To improve, innovate, and inspire so that your school gets better and better.