Learning Philosophy

We believe that very child is unique and deserves a quality education to maximise its potential

Falcon wisdom education learning philosophy developed based on the quranic worldview and latest research in neuroscience and psychology regarding human potential, on requirements for twenty-first-century employability and societal success.

FWE learning developed on a unique teaching and learning framework to systematically grow minds and develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success.

FWE learning philosophy ensures that students will not only perform well academically but also develop the character (behaviors) that equip them for success in life beyond school.

Learning Philosophy

FWE framework develops a performance mindset and professionally reflective teachers, who become more ambitious for students and themselves. They own their individual professional development and develop their expertise to become great classroom practitioners.


Falcon Wisdom Education framework is the way in which the FWE learning philosophy can be converted into practical actions to ensure that learners develop greater intelligence and quality behavioral skills. We have development relevant frameworks for Wisdom Schools, Wisdom teachers and wisdom families.