UET (University of Engineering & Technology)

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET), is a leading advanced learning institute of Pakistan offering degrees in Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities. It is situated in the heart of ‘Old Lahore’ near the ‘Shalimar Bagh’, a classical art made in the reign of Mughal Dynasty. UET is generally regarded as truly outstanding and most renowned institution of Pakistan with numerous honors to its name, where approximately half a lac students try their luck to be admitted each year. Since its foundation, nation’s most prominent researchers and academicians are always affiliated with UET. Apart from academics, for more than half a century, UET graduates catered for the necessities of public industry before the formation of some private sector engineering universities as well to share the burden. The alumni of UET are capably serving within country as well as in different enterprises and prestigious organizations abroad.

Falcons Club at UET aims that its graduates to be of highest capabilities, more ready to deal with present day life challenges, latest trends, and play their part in the development of society.

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