Launching the School of Wisdom Program: We’re Reinventing the Future of Schools. Here’s what to Expect

School of Wisdom is the program launched under the organization’s Wisdom Programs that aims to Transform Educational Outcomes for Families, Teachers, and Schools.


The Mission and Award Program of the School of Wisdom 

FWF School of Wisdom framework develops a performance mindset and professionally reflective teachers, who become more ambitious for students and themselves. They own their individual professional development and develop their expertise to become great classroom practitioners.

Our Wisdom Award program is a two years school development program uniquely developed based on the circumstances of each school to help you adopt the FWF learning philosophy and framework systematically. FWF will provide you access to all necessary support, resources, and pieces of training. The program is aimed at the school’s Senior Leadership who, supported by us, will lead the adoption within the school and take ownership for its successful implementation.


Accreditation of Your School with Us

At the end of the award program, your school will undertake a formal accreditation process, which confirms your compliance against the FWF School of Wisdom Standards. This Accreditation is an acknowledgment that a school has met very demanding standards for exemplifying total school commitment to Falcon Wisdom high potential learning. Provided you are successful; you will be accredited with the prestigious FWF School of Wisdom Award and recognized as a school that provides an exceptional level of education.

Why you should Join US?

  • Become a school with deep expertise in teaching and learning.
  • Promote well-being and create a positive culture amongst staff and students.
  • Improve student engagement levels, self-efficacy, and overall outcomes.
  • Meet parental expectations, as all children are capable of achieving high potential.

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