FWF Providing Educational Services and Supporting Orphan Children of SHER


FWF Providing Educational Services and Supporting Orphan Children of SHER

Cause: Education/Donate

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together to illustrate (Bukhari).


The Story

The literacy rate is very low in Pakistan (59%) and about 23 million Pakistani children are out of school. Falcons Wisdom Foundation stepped forward in July 2020 to help the Orphan Children of Sher Ghar, an orphan house located at Mitta Tiwana, District Khushab, working as an arm of the Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER). and the grant offered by FWF covers expenditures, all items like the uniform, shoes, school bags, and notebooks of Orphans helped through this Project. FWF extended its services further by bringing the School of Wisdom Program at SHER’s chain of schools.


FWF’s Aim behind the Project

FWF aims to provide educational support services to SHER in terms of framework, equip them with Falcon Wisdom Tarbiya curriculum, take part in their teachers’ training and development, and help them in learning management solutions and services. With this, it is intended to raise the overall educational standard of the organization by ensuring that best teaching and learning practices are followed in terms of curriculum, educational system, and student/teachers development. SHER Ghar shares the Monthly Progress Report of Children and Falcons Wisdom Foundation helps to further improve the personality traits of children.


Future Outcomes

Falcons Wisdom Society as a charity is now very keen and motivated to do more inclusive charitable work by further extending our programs in the future to reach more schools in the underprivileged side of our society.  All of our projects are carefully planned to achieve a particular aim; that is high potential learning, expanding the Boundaries of Learning, and playing our part in superior educational outcomes of Pakistan.


Read more about FWF School of Wisdom Program: https://www.falconwisdom.org/school-of-wisdom/

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