FWF Bringing Out ‘Wisdom School’ Philosophy at N.A Model High School Sahiwal

FWF Bringing Out ‘Wisdom School’ Philosophy at N.A Model High School Sahiwal

FWF Bringing Out ‘Wisdom School’ Philosophy at N.A Model High School Sahiwal

Cause: Education


Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (R.A) has emphasized the importance of education in these words: “The most valuable treasure is knowledge and wisdom and the worst misfortune is ignorance”.


The Story

School of Wisdom is the program launched under FWF’s Wisdom Programs that aims to Transform Educational Outcomes for Families, Teachers, and Schools. N.A School Sahiwal is stepping forward to Empower Children and Teachers by adapting our FWF learning philosophy and framework systematically. FWF will provide N.A School access to all necessary support, resources, and pieces of training so that they can have a competitive advantage, achieve success, and beyond that.


Details and Aim

FWF School of Wisdom is a 2 years accredited program for growing schools to become high potential learning schools through integrated learning and teaching philosophy. We sought to blend the curriculum of the School of Wisdom in the traditional knowledge of N.A School to develop a performance mindset and professionally reflective teachers, who become more ambitious for students and themselves. According to FWF Wisdom Programs, preserving “Inner Nature” and nurturing “God’s Consciousness”, both are important for the individual growth of Children. In addition to standard educational efforts, FWF also seeks to demystify and decentralize technology use by giving N.A school access to our Integrated LMS system for systematic practical studies on the part of both, teachers and students.


Future Outcomes

Falcons Wisdom Foundation is an extremely diverse organization that performs different roles, takes different shapes and forms within and across different contexts related to education, training, and support programs. Discussing educational improvements can be contentious, but FWF believes that it is equally important to play our role in the part of making progress on these education-related issues. We developed this distinguished School of Wisdom program to impart a substantial educational structure to the schools accredited with us. We believe that high potential education is an important channel through which we can create a universal, cohesive and socially active society. We are very motivated and keen to extend our mission across Pakistan and join hands with more and more institutes shortly.


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