FW Philosophy

Giving Helping Hand in the Cause of Zaawiya Trust School

FW Philosophy

Investing in our Students for Future Leaders

Falcon Wisdom Foundation empowers and supports the Students, Instructors, Schools, Colleges, and Universities in our community by providing opportunities and platforms to learn, grow and achieve life goals.


Changing Lives

We established this non-profiting organization to improve the educational standards and methods by promoting our ideology of Islamic Values, Beliefs, Wisdom, and intellect to bring out a resilient society. We have witnessed many life-changing impacts when a student is given a chance to go beyond his capabilities. We have collaborated with many schools, colleges, universities, and societies with our educational initiatives and have successfully recruited over 150+ teachers to establish a massive difference in our student’s lives.

Falcon Wisdom Organization’s Philosophy

Falcon’s Educational learning philosophy highlights the significance and impact of education on life. It strives to enhance human being’s intellectual vision and the personality (behavior) domains of learning. FW mainly focuses on the objective of organizing and increasing the potential capabilities of learning through advanced as well as an integrated educational learning platforms.

We have adopted an Islamic i. e. Quranic learning philosophy by keeping in mind the perimeters of Neuroscience and Human Physiological Behaviour. We have introduced the latest methodologies of the 21st Century to impart knowledge to bring forth resilient Leaders that will take charge of the new era.

Homeschooling is considered one of the most appreciated and relaxing means to seek education, inconsequential of age or gender.

Ethics is a renowned part of education that can reduce negative errors. Only the consciousness of ethical beliefs can remedy the destruction of human behavior.

FWE’s learning philosophy revolves around a systematic and scientifically proven teaching/learning framework. We are a striving team of educationists and professionals to improve thinking skills to comprehend the challenges of 21st-century learning needs. Hence, our philosophy has been designed to transform an individual into a high potential performer through spiritual uplift, thinking skills, and personality development.

Our Philosophy ensures that our students gain academic education and develop a well-organized character, behavior norms, and values that equip them for success as leaders.

Prophet SAW has laid great emphasis on imparting and receiving education. He SAW directed Muslims not only to gather knowledge but also to pass it on for the more significant benefit of people. The most valuable gift a parent can bestow upon his child is a good education in place of material wealth.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

“One who treads to a path in search of knowledge has his path to Paradise made easy by God.”

Learning Philosophy

FWE framework has constructed an intellectual mindset for teachers who are dedicated to the idea of change. We have a range of dignified teachers who put in all their efforts so you can excel in personal development.

Our methods and ideology are going to bring out the BEST FUTURE LEADERS

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle

Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai.”

-Allama Iqbal

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