Building Resilient Societies Through Education

Building Resilient Societies Through Education

Education has entered into a far more dynamic era just like other industries in the world. Teaching and learning is no more confined to classroom walls, and school boundaries. The whole dynamics of education delivery and pedagogical practices have been transformed over the past two decades, particularly because of the influx of technology, and internet.

School systems who believe and are committed to serve all their stakeholders through contemporary pedagogical practices including but not limited to student learning, teacher professional development, parent and family participation have attained excellence in educational quality and have eventually became brands.

However, there is an underlying factor that has been neglected and overlooked by the educational leaders, curriculum designing authorities around the world is the personality development or character formation of learner. None of the educational curriculums around the world address the pressing issues of declining ethical and moral standards among human learners. This vicious circle has been encompassing family system, communities and societies at large. As a result of this neglection over the years, the outcome is evident that our current generation has forgotten their well known moral and ethical responsibilities, and their value in life, hence we see irresponsible behaviors, lack of respect and thankless attitude towards Allah’s blessings, dishonesty and insincerity towards even close and blood relationships in life like parents, siblings. On the contrary, promoting jealousy, hatred, unhealthy competition around us, negative thinking are all outcomes of ill-designed and absence of moral dimension in the educational system.

In addition to moral and ethical neglection, thinking skills are not appropriately addressed through the education systems as well. Therefore, a university graduate is unable to apply his learning into real life situations, he/she is unable to resolve even minor problems in life, does not possess the capability to think critically and analyze situations from a different perspective. Eventually, remain as a follower throughout his/her life instead of becoming a leader in his thought processes. For example, when a university graduate reaches out to apply for a job, he/she is unable to prove himself/herself as a competent candidate who can achieve organizational goals. Candidates are unable to apply the relevant skills at the workplace. Hence, they misinterpret information, possess poor communication skills (reading, writing, speaking & listening), lack in investigation and inquiry, therefore blindly follow news and media etc, these are just few common issues we are currently facing as a society, however the list goes as far as competencies are concerned.

We at feel proud and honored to take up this most pressing challenge in education. We are trained and committed in providing educational solutions for all our stakeholders in the form of diversified programs beginning from home and family to tertiary education by introducing the following:

  • Family of Wisdom,
  • School of Wisdom,
  • Student of Wisdom,
  • College of Wisdom and
  • University of Wisdom programs.

Additionally, all our programs are designed for delivery through our unique and customized Learning Management System by the name of (falconry).

This unique and contemporary mode of learning is highly compatible with 21st century and digital age learning environment. Any learner irrespective of his age, gender, group, grade level with diversified learning ability and need can learn and develop skills from the comfort of his/her home anytime anywhere.

We are proud to be the pioneers and leaders by offering and providing not only educational solutions through online teaching/learning, but at the same time committed to deliver personality development programs through our own rich Islamic values to achieve high moral standards for our upcoming generations. Furthermore, we have added another vital dimension to learning is to improve thinking skills of our learners from a child to a university graduate.

Our educational model uniquely addresses two major domains of learning of a human being i.e. personality development (spiritual dimension) and human thinking (cognitive dimension) of human learning. We believe by providing appropriate opportunities, support and motivation every human being can achieve optimum performance level to turn the table around in his/her personal and professional life.

We hope to build and strengthen community partnerships through the medium of education and our doors are open to serve globally. We invite all of you to join hands and adopt our Falcon Wisdom Education Program, suitable to your audience and their learning needs and participate in building resilient societies for a better tomorrow.

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