The high Potential Teachers Award Scheme

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The FWF High Potential Teacher Award scheme supports excellent human beings and classroom practitioners to extend their influence beyond their own school into the Global Community of FWF Schools and the broader education community. FWF High Potential Teachers provide pedagogical leadership, and research and develop best practice in collaboration with FWF expert practitioners across the world.

The FWF High Potential Teacher status can also be given to a teacher who is part of the Fellowship of World Class Schools and has demonstrated excellent outcomes as a result of embedding the HPL philosophy through their everyday practice in the classroom and at wider school level.

Title to be placed

Our Award scheme designed to identify extraordinary teachers, scholars who take their profession to new heights. We believe exceptional teachers should be recognized and celebrated. Our goal is to give outstanding teachers a chance to show the world what they do, sharing inspiring stories and encouraging ever-more ambitious teaching practices and educational initiatives.

FWF High Potential Teachers are accredited for up to three years.