Society Backs Education

An advocacy campaign working to encourage the society and corporates to support holistic and quality education. The Society Backs Education campaign is steadily convincing stakeholders that it is important to secure much-needed support for local educational initiatives in terms of quality of education.

Now worldwide most of the companies also acknowledge that well educated high potential human beings are critical to their success, and to the development of a peaceful and stable society.

How we’re helping

We’re asking society and businesses to come together to support local educational initiatives. This is how we are turning our goal into reality:

  • Holding discussion with key business leaders/companies
  • Promoting closer relationships between solid societies, businesses and schools by publishing articles and social media awareness campaigns
  • Encouraging philanthropy
  • Highlighting the sustainability of supporting quality education
  • Showcasing the positive social and economic impact of giving to quality education
  • Leading discussions about educational initiatives
  • Development of educational professionals