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Jibran Khalid

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Mr. Jibran Khalid is postgraduate in Education Planning and Management with expertise in Curriculum development & Instructional Technology. He is an educationist, trainer and instructional designer who loves to promote learning in an interactive way and believes that change can be brought only through education at the right time, place and people.

He is skilled in bridging the learning gaps through the assessment of performance and information analysis. He strongly appreciate to employ his knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen the learning and capacity building of youth through equipping them with 21st century skills. He believes that success for all is normal.

Qualification & Certificates
1. Ms. Economics
2. M.A Educational Planning and Management
3. Certificate in Learning through Discipline
4. Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
5. Certificate in Computer Science and Programming

1. Principal at Mansoorah Degree College LHR
2. Lecturer in Economics and Business Studies
3. Ast. Manager Character Education Department
4. Curriculum Development and Textbook Writer
5. Training and Development for staff and faculty
6. Project Head  at TSH KNOWLEDGE INN

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