Become a College Of Wisdom
A customized Program for high potential institutes to achieve systematic transformation
and significantly improve academic outcomes.

A customized program for high potential institutes to achieve systematic transformation and significantly improve academic outcomes.

  • Cultivation of wisdom through our skilled program includes nurturing the character and inner spirit of college students, empowering them to self-realization, and social consciousness, which ultimately develops critical minds, conscious hearts, healthy bodies, and compassionate human beings.

College of Wisdom Framework

  • FWF College of Wisdom framework develops a specific performance mind-set and professionally reflective teachers who become more ambitious for students and themselves. They own their individual professional development and develop their expertise to become great classroom role models.
  • This framework promotes engagement and challenge for every student, regardless of background, across all six development domains which are intellectual, spiritual, moral, social-emotional, and physical.
  • Moreover, it builds on the College’s existing good practices and further enhances teaching and learning to come closer to the goal that “Every child deserves the quality education to maximize its potential”.

Accreditation Program

Accreditation as a College of Wisdom is a prestigious achievement, recognizing the very best Colleges in the country at the forefront of educational practice. It is an acknowledgment that a College has met the demanding standards for exemplifying a commitment to Falcon Wisdom’s high potential learning which is resulting in more fulfilled teachers and students who achieve great success.

In this regard, your College will go through a formal accreditation process, which confirms your compliance against the FWF College of Wisdom Standards, provided you are successful; you will be accredited with the prestigious FWF College of Wisdom Award and recognized as a College which provides an exceptional level of education.

The High potential College Award Scheme

The High potential College Award Scheme

The 2-year FWF High Potential College Award Scheme provides a systematic transformational change process that enables a college to adopt the FWF philosophy and framework, to reach the demanding standards required for accreditation as an FWF High Potential College, and to secure entry into The Fellowship of FWF High Potential Colleges. The Scheme is aimed at the school’s Senior Leadership who, supported by us, will lead the adoption within the college and take ownership for its successful implementation.

Benefits to your College

By implementing the FWF College of Wisdom program effectively, Schools will have changed attitudes and practices amongst staff, teachers, parents, and see that translated into better results and outcomes for their students. Also,

  • It significantly uplifts learner’s potential and life skills.
  • Improves the quality and consistency of teaching and learning.
  • Enhances teacher satisfaction and retention.
  • College can significantly enhance overall student outcomes.
  • Confirms that college is fully aligned to the best educational standards.
  • It will provide colleges with competitive advantage resulting in better public image and increased admissions.

The need for College of Wisdom:

Societal Needs of the 21st Century

Complex challenges the younger generation has to face in the modern and fast-moving globalized world creates a need for adaptation through a complete transformation in the principles and processes of public education.

The development of wisdom is essential to account for the sensitivity of the life phase our college students are in. Adolescence is turbulent in many ways, which our Wisdom Skilled Program moulds by the development of critical thinking, the ability to make rational decisions about what to do or what to believe, reflectivity, and a tendency to think about what is going on in oneself and do self-inquiry. Through this program, the awareness of their unique attributes increases, which is integral part of self-actualization.

How to develop employability Skills?

FWF offers practical approaches to the question of how do people develop employability skills? We provide state of the art coaching and impactful sessions in this regard.

Without employability skills:

  • It will be more challenging for the economy of the country to achieve its productivity goals.
  • Individuals will find it harder to get and progress in rewarding work.
  • Several important strands in employment and skills policy may be unachievable.

Attaining educational success:

FWF offers unique blend of modules to attend students concerns and issues related to education, personality development and emotional stability which helps in achieving guaranteed educational success.

TRAINING PLAN FOR Schools/Colleges:

Counselling & Training Sessions for Students (may) include (but not limited to):

  1. Impact of Education on Individual and Society
  2. SQ3R Study Model
  3. Stress-Free Exams (2 Modules)
  4. How to Strengthen your Memory
  5. Handling External Disturbances during Study
  6. Time Management
  7. Super Learning Methodologies
  8. Learning Difficulties and proposed solutions
  9. Power of Positive Habits
  10. Habits of Successful Students
  11. Impact of diet pattern on education
  12. Improving Self Confidence
  13. Effective Communication Skills (3modules)
  14. Coping with Stress and Emotional Disturbances
  15. Why sports are necessary
  16. Develop your Focusing Ability
  17. Personality Grooming
  • Every session may be up to 40min or as per requirement and suitability
  • Strategy: All students will attend counselling and guidance sessions live and via webinar / online resources / videos and by getting registered on our app.
  • Preferably twice per month, each session will be no more than 40 minutes. Live sessions will be planned for a whole day for a specific school/college, almost 4-5 sessions in a day
  • Schools / Colleges will also be given a link to our App where they may manage sessions under management supervision and students may individually listen to updated material on Secrets of Educational Success and guidelines related to different education-related issues.

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