Tashfeen Alvi

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M. Tashfeen Alvi

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A competent, technical, dynamic, and vibrant individual. Tashfeen is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, with hands-on Project Management, Managerial, and Interpersonal skills. He loves to create content and write on diverse topics using the blend of his technical, rational, and research approach. As a person who is relentless when it comes to the personal growth, he considers working with thoughtful individuals of FWF as an investment in his superior future. It allows him to broaden his horizons, making worldwide relations, and get to know the individuals with same aspirations as him. According to him, working for FWF is superior to sitting at home dreaming about an ideal society I want to live in. The best way to accomplish an ideal society is, to make one, by working emphatically towards cultural turn of events.

He can be reached at tashfeen.alvi@falconwisdom.org